Google Voice

Lately i’ve been given the opportunity to try out some really cool neat online services that may really improve the quality of my online communication lifestyle…making things easier and more organized.

Also I just got added to the beta trial of twitter lists.

Twitter Lists

Allow you to organize your twitter followers into lists that can themselves also be followed.

So check out how Google Voice Works


What’s great is that now I can call Canada from the US on my current t-mobile Google Android phone plan.
I setup something called Gizmo5 that has a cool interface and all, but the calls are only 3 minutes long. Fine for ‘Call Me back!’s’ but overall kinda lame.

So then I downloaded this:

Android Mobile Google Voice App

And I don’t give a shit if this sounds like and ad for google.

Now I can call home to Canada from the US without any fees other than having an internet connection and calling using a headset, or by using my google phone and the google voice app to call free from my cell (but you have to have a cell plan).

So that’s pretty awesome.

FAIL: I tested it and my mom’s line was busy! haha…. geez.

I’ll try again in a bit.