Well, I created this site in 2007 when I was discussing something interesting with a bunch of wanna be hacker types and someone was saying that they wanted to convert a 128Kb Mp3 to an OGG file (2-3 times the size, mind you) not from the original wav file… (which is the right way) but from the mp3.

I asked, “What are you? a Digital Vegetarian?”

And that’s when I bought the domain name and started my first wordpress blog in September of 2007. I won Shoemoney’s contest a few months later with a post ’69 reasons I should go to SXSW on shoemoney and their sponsor’s dime (izea)’.

It was a feat to win, but I won. I had to pull all the stops. I won by like 3 votes. There was a glitch in the contest (izea was running it… fail) and they were trying to stop it a 9pm, but i had people still at work on the west coast who couldn’t vote from our work IP addresses, so they turned it back on and I WON by a narrow margin.  . .  it’s was an incredible day for The Digital Vegetarian blog.

Now, 11 years later, here I am, Director of SEO for a marketing agency in Thousand Oaks, called Dymic.com and I have recently gone Vegetarian, for reals. Then it occurred to me. I’m not vegan, but I’m vegetarian and my DigitalVegetarian Blog is now legit! hahaha before I was writing about LA lifestyle and open source stuff, like vegetarian operating systems, but not food. Now, here we are. Officially off meat. I’m NOT vegan, but i’m off eggs. I just really like cheese. I did switch to almond milk in 2008… and have been on that ever since. So new beginnings my friends. If you have any killer vegetarian recipes, please let me know so I get my protein.

For Example: Cauliflower Buffalo style, that tastes like chicken wings. YEP.

also, I like the impossible meat tacos and am gonna try an impossible burger soon….

So, that’s my sparklepigeon update. What’s Sparklepigeon? well, it is a long story, you’ll have to ask me in person, but it’s derived from my playa (see burning man) name and now the name of my music project that I’m recording at XLNTsound and I’ve already entered the first finished track (not out yet, but listenable at KLOS 95.5 FM Los Angeles’s ‘Next 2 Rock’ contest, if you can find it on their page…) and also have finished ‘Change’ & ‘Believe’ with several more on the way. I’m pretty stoked to get this pigeon off the ground for 2019. Keep an ear / eye on my other pet project eGuitarists which has full live shows from Metallica at the Palladium posted (front row, no pyro, excellent view of Kirk Hammett & Jaymz guitar playing skillz also Rob Trujillo on Bass).

So that’s my update. lots more on the way!

Just gearing up for Sk8 Kamp 2018 at Burning Man !!! Please donate to our Go Fund Me campaign! then come see what we build every year at the Burn.

Sk8 Kamp - Skate Kastle Burning Man

Every year, we add more. This year we’re a FIRE camp. So even the fire coping from last year has been drastically improved. You can still grind and light the coping, but oooohhh so much more.