Here’s a quick video of a non-apple employee (thanks engadget) trying it out for the first time.
You can see it is not fully intuitive. Also the problems that I’ve learned about or concerns now surfacing since we are just about 24 hours since the iPad Launch include the following:

Although its a super sexy looking device, & very thin herein lies the problem:
Essentially, because it runs iPhone OS, it is limited to what an iPhone can do. The main reason you can only run ONE yes ONE app at a time seems to be to avoid the common ‘iPhone FAIL crash’ stuff that happens all the time when you run multiple applications at the same time.

I think the reason there is no camera is because they want you to keep your iPhone handy. I think the reason you can’t make calls is again, to keep your iPhone handy.

It’s going to be great for portable movies…essentially its like a portable DVD player with games. This would be perfect for a plane ride.

NO OSX – > i’m sure they could have used OSX on this, but then it would have become A) a possible competitor to laptop sales and B) it would have been much more likely to require excessive rebooting as people quickly maxx out the memory trying to run things like photoshop and final cut.

So any ‘fails’ that I’m hearing about were very well calculated. They are going for the perpson who wants the latest technology, without cannibalizing any iPhone or Macbook sales.

Steve Jobs KNOWS there is no camera. The question is, do you want a funky toy such as this. How is it as a book reader?

Not bad, seeing as it doubles as a Youtube video player and web browser.

Other than that, it is NOT intended for phone calls or Skype because you already HAVE an iPhone(I don’t i have a gphone with a keyboar that pops out, much better than a Nexus with no keyboard! How else would we text and drive?)

So for what it is it is beautiful. But it is essentially a PSP (PlayStationPortable) style device that adds some great things with the book reader and touchscreen web browsing.

If you want more, get a Macbook Pro. If you want to take pictures and insert SD cards, get a camera. SO i think it is cool, but not necessary. Kinda like the Ipod Touch.

My verdict: this is a giant iPod Touch and would look cool on my coffee table. I don’t NEED want. I would love it for traveling and wasting time in airports or on planes.

iPad Technical details

Steve Jobs Holding Apple iPad 2010

  • 16, 32 or 64GB flash storage
  • Built-in speakers (Quality?)
  • Accelerometer
  • Compass
  • 9.7-inch screen
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life, with one month standby
  • Some versions will support the 3G Network
  • DISPLAY:  LED-backlit, IPS display
  • TOUCH:  “Multi-touch” touch-screen interface
  • WEIGHT:  1.5 pounds
  • HOW THIN IS IT?     Half inch thick

iPad Availability & Pricing

  • Available in 60 Days
  • Three models:  $499 for the 16GB, $599 for the 32GB and $699 for the 64GB.
  • Data plans for 3G-capable versions of the iPad are from AT&T and will cost $29.99 a month for unlimited usage, with a 250MB plan available for $14.99 a month.
  • Any Previous purchases for iPhone and iPod Touch games and applications will all work on the company’s new iPad device.


No Camera on this iPad

No HDMI Ports

Maps don’t mention GPS yet. [update: it uses web-GPS – IP Based?]

FLASH is not part of this offering either.

Ipad Apple 2010 Steve Jobs Annoucement

The UStream was live at: THANKS LEO!

Steve Jobs Announced the release of the iPad today. I watched the UStream feed from leo who was there but it was hard to hear everything. I’ve included a few pictures and am learning as I blog this.

JUNE For international releases…

Pricing: $499

extra 130 for 3g models…
$499 – shipping iPads in 60 days worldwide. WiFi Models.
$829 64GB 3G TOP model.

iPad Pricing Chart


Reuters (thanks @Alyssa_Milano)