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Okay, so I’m an SEO consultant, and regardless of the information that I’m working with, in some cases the client has a tough time with ‘communication’ and I have to learn to deal with their company’s policies and ways of doing business, which in some cases is ridiculous! For example, i know of a person who doesn’t use a computer, but instead of letting his IT people phone me, he calls at random times and then tells me to email his assistant who will be ‘sending me the contract’ or information I need to do my work. I send the email and never hear anything from the assistant until I get another random call from the client saying he’s changed his entire business strategy now and wants x,y,z and to email again…

Recently I found out about a new service offering where there is now a comprehensive technology platform that has been designed to actually help consultants work with clients more effectively. In some cases, a client simply can’t keep things organized and ends up calling and emailing daily to find out the status of their projects, even though we have already scheduled bi-weekly or monthly reporting with them.

This company, Mavenlink is offering a free trial on all of their plans and ‘finally’ someone who offers this with no credit card required.

Can’t beat that, just try it and if you like it, pay for it! if you don’t, then they can’t bill you.

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