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So I’ve written articles before comparing phones, (see my post on Googleandblog about the Gphone vs iPhone back when the Gphone first came out) and this time around I have things that I’m looking for that matter to me and my use.

Presenting the new Sanyo Incognito!Sanyo Incognito Opened

Looking at the new Sanyo Incognito, I first wanted to figure out, well, ‘What is this new name “incognito” all about?’ The answer lies with the handy secret flip out keyboard. I personally think the Gphone I switched to from the iPhone is bulky and heavy, a slower processor and whatnot but I really liked the physical keyboard over the iPhone’s touch screen.  There is something to be said about not using touch screens to type. Its MUCH easier to text with a keyboard that is NOT touch screen when you are stopped at a red light, or walking on a crowded sidewalk. -> This is important! You need to be able to look where you are going and it is nearly impossible to touch type while on a touch screen (so far) as there are no ‘braille’ type dots on the keys of the screen.

Also I find that having some type of ‘navigation pad’ is very important. Its good to see the right side of the incognito’s keyboard having a directional pad with an ‘ok’ button in the middle for browsing websites, rather than just having to ‘touch’ hyperlinks. A big plus! We’ve listed all of the full specifications below, however I think this is one phone that you will want to try out before you buy an iPhone and then wind up in a car accident while trying to get directions while driving. Not that I would ever condone texting and driving, especially if you are not an expert in phone use without visually looking at it! so be careful. texting and driving is now illegal in a lot of places in both Canada and the USA (specifically Ontario, Canada and Los Angeles, California).

For more info on this product check out their official site:SANYO Incognito

As I am a tech nerd and have posted my thoughts on Google’s G1 vs iPhone in the past as well as a review of the new LG Chocolate Touch on this blog in mid-december, here we present this new sleek phone: Let’s show you what it looks like first!

Sanyo Incognito Images

The awesome thing is that it costs so much less and there is NO AGREEMENT! no 2 year agreement which is great because after 6 months a better version will come out possibly or on another network and you are stuck back in dated technology time…with no time machine!

Back View of Sanyo IncognitoBack view of the Sony Incognito

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Model Number: SANYO Incognito™ SCP6760

– Unlimited Plan: $50 Monthly Unlimited, no contract required

  • 2MP camera with VGA camcorder
  • music and video player
  • enhanced web browsing SANYO Incognito™ pairs perfectly with the Boost Mobile $50 Monthly Unlimited plan
    • $50 Unlimited Plan Includes unlimited talk,
    • text & web with no contract.
  • EVDO capabilities
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Great for connecting with your family and friends on social networking sites, easy to share content quickly – its great when you can video or snap a picture and share it within seconds.
  • Also included
    • Multi-Media messaging (Picture & Video)
    • Stereo Bluetooth® Capable
    • GPS Enabled.

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