Environmental Jobs to lead growth out of the Recession

Diversity of Green Jobs to become hot careers during economic rebound.

While the United States has mired its way through the Recession of the last two years, there are several bright points in the horizon for recovery in innovative fields. Leading the charge for this shift toward economic growth are environmental jobs – also known as green jobs.

When people think of green jobs, they may flash on workers in sanitation doing recycling. And while recycling and waste management is one of many fields that comprise the environmental jobs, it’s certainly not all Tony Soprano territory. In fact, green jobs can stretch into any sector, all the way from construction to finance.


Among environmental jobs, the first wave is predicted to come in ‘creative’ fields. These are the green jobs designing and building new products with little if any environmental impact. Among these creative fields are environmental engineers, product and industrial designers, construction workers, architects and raw materials suppliers. And all these green jobs are needed nationally create momentum for both a sustainable economy and environment. Otherwise, the wasteful practices of past construction, engineering and manufacturing are predicted to surely bust as they did before environmental jobs were available.

Closely allied with green jobs in manufacturing and construction are the careers in green economics. These environmental jobs are those of investors, banks, economists and fund managers all looking into the environmental impact of their investments and making long-term plans accordingly. These green jobs find the funding for all the other environmental jobs in the marketplace. These are the future Warren Buffets and Carl Ichans who will find ultra riches through the most innovative and sustainable ideas during the ensuing recovery.

And continued study into environmental jobs, from the best practices to advanced theory, will also be needed to create green jobs we likely haven’t even though of yet. This brain trust will spring from the brainy side of environmental jobs: the academics and environmental think tanks. An army of ecologists, engineers, biologists, chemists and physicists are needed among environmental jobs to dream up the future of green technology.

The end game for green jobs is a world economy revolving around environmental jobs and careers. The market demands it. And environmental jobs are on the top of the agenda for economic recovery as stated by President Barack Obama. And with research pointing the way, nearly every new job in the future will be a green job. This work is no longer just an add-on to save the environment, but a means to a brighter economic future.