Okay, well I knew some interesting new uses of social media would be in effect, and here we go again, how’s this: FACEBOOK + CNN vs. TWITTER (Due to the Michael Jackson Memorial Service today at Staples Center in Los Angeles) – > Starts at 1:30pm Eastern Time -Just Updated-Live link below.

Facebook’s status, where you update your ‘status’ about this event and leave the ‘share with everyone watching’ box checked will essentially send out short ‘micro-blogging style’ updates in your ‘update stream’.

Right, you mean TWEETs.cnn-facebook-live-obama-michael-jackson

Either way it works. Here you can watch CNN.com’s LIVE where people are LIVE TWEETING, well, using Facebook Status updates right on here. People are dropping links, self promoting, talking shit about Michael Jackson’s nose, praising him, and the whole nine yards with zero moderation:

Here are some examples including talk of him being a child molester:


Latest: live blogged this one: