As the ‘go green’ movement is evident… hell I have this blog about it! Plus living in California can be even more influential, with lots of electric cars here and water conservation getting a lot of attention.

So what goes into such a ‘statement’ about your company. Here is an example from a company that does
Trade Show Displays.

The official ‘Environmental Policy Statement’ from Nomadic Display is as follows:

“Nomadic Display is making it a priority to adopt a green business environment. We design superior quality, high performance, and energy-efficient products. Our manufacturing facilities in the USA and Ireland have been, and will continue to be, committed to adopting environmentally friendly practices in design, production, and delivery of our displays. Our Corporate and Sales Offices are committed to demonstrating environmental leadership in all facets of our business transactions. Nomadic Display is actively working with our employees, suppliers, partners and users around the world to meet, or exceed, our current environmental commitments which are summarized below.” (On their site). – from – their official site – Nomadic Display

It has become evident that some customers will decide on the ‘green friendly’ company over the ‘non-green friendly’ company that offers a similar service offering. For this reason alone it is beneficial to have an environmental policy, however it is also good for the environment to adopt a solid environmental policy.