I think it is important to know that this has now become official. Google is now officially using page load time as a criteria for high rankings in Google.

You probably want to know: How important is this ranking factor?

Important enough for me to switch ALL of my websites (I currently own 70 domains, plus this new one) to InMotionHosting.com who have recently tweaked their servers by ensuring compression and  other factors are properly taken into consideration. I’ll be working more on this and using the lesser known ‘nginx‘ which runs on the following platforms:

  • FreeBSD 3  — 7 / i386; FreeBSD 5  — 7 / amd64;
  • Linux 2.2  — 2.6 / i386; Linux 2.6 / amd64;
  • Solaris 9 / i386, sun4u; Solaris 10 / i386, amd64, sun4v;
  • MacOS X / ppc, i386;
  • Windows XP, Windows Server 2003.

nginx Scalability and ArchitectureSo I am moving all of my sites because of this! No more Godaddy.com for me.

This includes everything from Digital Vegetarian, to Rachel’s Modeling Advice, to Angela Cullin’s work on American Sunset and Guitars, Twitter Canada, KRONiS, Stamina Records and Much more to come.

My answer to ‘How Important is this?) – VERY, but in comparison to other factors… I have no idea until someone like SeoMOZ who we all pay money to for this shit figures it out and tells us!

Google’s Official Post:
Google's New Page Speed Initiative includes Page Speed in Ranking Factors Now

For now you can see the first post our firm did about this, quick work by @w00t or John Vantine, also you can read Danny Sullivan’s Post on SearchEngineLand.

Happy speeding!