Help now by joining this facebook group about the proposed Site 41. There is a man in power in Ontario, Canada who GET THIS:

  • After he was elected as Premier of Ontario (similar to a governor of a state in the USA), told the public that he will not be able to make good on his campaign platform promises!

    ?????? – who gets elected then the first thing they do is say that they will not do what they ran on?
    Dalton McGuinty. That’s who. NOW for some reason he is at the helm of this ongoing fight to keep Site 41 from being created just south of Midland, Ontario, northeast of Wasaga Beach. This is Beautiful land that our children’s children deserve to see. Why destroy it in 10 years with putting city waste there?

    Hopefully I can work with members of the Obama 4 Change group here in Burbank, CA to see about putting some pressure on the Ontario Provincial Government. Why not, if Stephen Harper followed George Bush’s stupid moves, let’s have a smart Barack Obama provide some suggestions about environmental decisions that affect future generations…I’ll bring it up next meeting and see about putting something on the blog site for burbank.


    Stop Site #41

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    In December 2008, the Ontario Ministry of Environment’s Approvals Division issued a Permit to Take Water that will allow Simcoe County to drain a pristine surface aquifer by Tiny Township to allow a dump, called Site 41, to be built. The proposed dump site would sit just 13 feet above an underground lake that reaches all the way to Toronto and Lake Ontario. This Facebook group and accompanying petition are struggling to reverse the disastrous MOE decision and put a stop to the dump site once and for all. We need to protect our water and reduce our waste — not destroy our watersheds and agricultural land to make room for one more dump we don’t need!

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