In the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, for the very first time SKATEBOARDING will be something that you can earn a gold medal in. For real. Could you imagine getting a GOLD medal in the Olympics without having to run or swim or ski? Yes it’s all happening now with the new IOC approved five new sports added to the Olympic games. skateboarding 2020 olympics

What does this mean for the skateboarding community? Definitely there is going to be a huge divide between those skaters who believe in skating as a lifestyle and those skating to compete in the olympics. The judging alone makes you ask, how can this be judged and is it just who can spin the most or does style matter? Will it all be judged on difficulty or are they simply going to use the Street League Format that has been going for the X-games and what not.

Who’s on board?A few quotes regarding the olympics from well known skateboarders including Tony Hawk.

tony hawk

leticia bufoni

chris coleSo how does this Olympic Games adding skateboarding matter affect the world of electric skateboarding and rideables? Well personally I like to use electric ridebles in between skatepark sessions and also to cool off… or to cruise the beach boardwalk when it’s hot out.

So, recently I’ve started seeing other skaters doing more of the same. The crossover to electric rideables into street tricks, is inevitible. I sense the evolution of new, ‘powered rideable’ coming soon. Be it in the form of electric rideables like unicycles, hoverboards or skateboards…. it’s all about the lines you make and it doesn’t matter what you are riding when it comes down to it.

What’s the latest on the Olympics? LOS ANGELES 2028.

This means funding for skaters and more in the LA area for the next 10 years. Killer. I wish I had a delorean with a flux capacitor, so for now I’m upping the ante on pads and gear and protection. Expect a post on that one soon.

I enjoy seeing sessions with BMX bikes, skaters and other random gear when everyone is hitting the same obstacle but doing something related to their gear.

Lately I’m trying to push the hover boards to the max and pushing the boundaries on what they can do. So far I think we need a ‘trick version’ for ramps as they are designed to self balance you, but don’t stay balanced when turned off. Perhaps having a hoverboard you can ride when it is completely off may solve how to ride ramps on them. This is what happened when I tested out the SWAGTRON T6 all terrain hoverboard on a half pipe this past weekend while setting up SK8 Kamp’s castle.

This hoverboarding on obstacles is brand new and just evolving, stay tuned for more of this now that we have more obstacles and better experiencial working knowledge of how these things respond to different types of ‘skater driven’ use.

Skaters ride their boards harder than most sports and that’s why skateboarders are fun to watch try out new electric rideables, with the ‘no ones ever done that yet I wanna do it first’ attitude vs. ‘you can’t do that’ type of thinking. See my railslide yet? If you want to have a link to sell hoverboards on YOUR page and make about twenty dollars each time someone buys one, visit my share the wealth page!

How this will help the City of Los Angeles in 2028 and sooner

According to Wired the last time Los Angeles did something similar happened twice. Once as far back as 1932 and as recent as 1984’s Summer Games, where it became the “first modern olympiad to run a surplus ($225 million)” leaving behind transportation networks still in use today.

When the city also hosted the 1932 Summer Games $1 million profit was made, which was a lot of cash at the time. Now, because Los Angeles is already a thriving city with many many resources already available to host Olympic Game style events, the focus can be on improving the lack of a exceptional mass-transit system. As many people live in Los Angeles and have had to use cars to get everywhere, this adds to the going green environmental push in SoCal by creating new ways for people to get around that are not fossil-fuel based. As cars use less gas and more public transit systems emerge, this can be a great way to combat the tough Los Angeles smog problem.

Now the City of Los Angeles plans to turn profit again in 2028, with the Olympic Games being an opportunity to finally create a permanent and amazingly useful Los Angeles mass-transit system once the closing ceremonies for the 2028 Olympic Games ends.

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