Review of the new LG Chocolate Touch Phone – Loaded With Music by Ciara

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At first I thought, hmmm this new phone will never hold a candle to the iPhone or new Droid phones, however it has a slick design that is very appealing to the touch. The phone is thinner than I expected, yet slightly heavier, which gives the comfort that this is a well made product, not some cheap attempt at copying other phones.

This is no copy, and is very unique in several ways.

Sound Quality & Music

By FAR the music coming from this LG Chocolate phone (which came preloaded with ‘Ciara’s new single’, – I really think it could have had something better on it, or at least more songs..) sounds way better then any phone I have had previously.

So to test out the audio I thought, okay great let’s put some of my music that I know well on here. First I needed to figure out how to get at the micro-sd card, which turns out to be very easy.

Very unlike the iPhone or the G1, it is really easy to open the battery cover, which will not come off on its own. I’ve found it really annoying to have to use my nails to get at the battery compartment or other memory areas of the G1 and the iPhones. I also hated doing this when the ‘sad iPod’ icon would show up on a regular old early generation iPod.

So I have a Mac, and it doesn’t matter if you use a Macbook Pro or a PC. All you need is some way to connect to the flash drive, which is Micro-SD. I have an adapter that the 2GB card that came with the phone (better then the 1GB card that came with my Kodak Zi8 HD camera… you think they would put more memory in an HD camera! – Especially when you first get it from them in a gift bag at the Kodak Theater! …but that’s another blog post).

The Massive audio capabilities of this phone are very evident, you can hear the surround sound when you attache external speakers or with good quality headphones. The speaker on the phone itself is alright, but much better than most phones. I think this may have something to do with the weight of the phone and its ‘heavy duty’ feel.

FM Tuner

I tried to use the FM Tuner without a headset and I coulnd’t figure that out. So it seems you MUST have a headset in order to use the FM radio function.

Easily Create and Manage Playlists

After I added my songs, it was fairly easy to create and manage my playlists with no concerns other then I didn’t want to hear the Ciara song anymore! Sorry not my cup of music!

Join The Band! Play along with songs

I had a lot of fun with the next part -> Testing out the ‘join the band’ feature. You can play drums ALONG with songs as well you can play piano.

Pros: this is fun, kids will like it, you can adjust volumes to mix your sound higher or lower than the song.

Cons: As the phone doesn’t seem to allow you to play more than one note at a time, it makes the piano kind of lame and the drums less educational and more for pure, entertainment.

I believe there is an issue with the patent for letting you have multiple touchscreen applications that may only be in Apple’s hands at this time (you know how the iPhone pinches to scroll and stuff, would be excellent to use that for playing a touch ‘piano’ or ‘guitar’).

Text Messaging

Even though I actually read the instruction manual, I didn’t find this phone very intuitive, which led me to think, okay, once I figure this thing out, I’ll be able to really know its strengths and weaknesses.

So I tried to use the text messaging and right away was like, hmmm I hope there’s another option. It basically has the ability (in upright mode, so the phone is vertical) to let you text the same way the OLD phones used to. Where you click #2 on the phone however many times to get ‘a’, ‘b’, or ‘c’. This is terribly inefficient and I was surprised to see it implemented for a touch screen. I was looking for options to switch to full keyboard or use a similar thing like the blackberry does, and I was going to try typing the words but it didn’t work. then when I tilted the phone sideways the full keyboard came up. My guess is that this is marketed to those people coming from ‘non-smart’ phones that text that way. When I tilted it sideways, it was much better, but still no iPhone or phone.

Touch Screen

The touch screen requires you to push fairly hard and it vibrates each time(this could drain battery, but it lets you know that the screen is activated and can be shut off). Also, if you hold down the touch screen, no properties or ‘right click context menu’ shows up like iPhone and Android phones do.

Audio Road Test

I also actually tested using the phone with a radio frequency transmitter that allows you to hear the songs on the phone through your car radio. This proved to work nicely and was a great wireless solution to modifying your 2002 Civic.

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