Recently our good friends at did some tests to tell us the deal with PageRank Sculpting.

Reasoning, that sometimes Google will ‘tell us something has changed or is changing’ i.e. the whole ‘faster sites will rank higher’ thing for example. It WILL come in to play however it is NOT implemented, but since Google WANTS sites to load faster as it is good for their users, its possible that they may leak out other things they want us to do, even though they may not have changed things.


I love SEOMoz as they are the leaders in the ‘we’ll test it and tell you what happens’ field of SEO and sometimes things get inaccurately tested and need to be retested.

This blog post by SEOMoz has much more conclusive data stating that in fact PageRank Sculpting is DONEsville.

PageRank Sculpting Tests by SEOMoz's Danny Dover Prove It doesn't work now

A Big Thanks to Danny Dover for his hard work and honesty on this…. and some trial and error. NOW WE KNOW.

See the PageRank Sculpting tests explained here:

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