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Wow I went to San Francisco this past weekend for our annual Sk8 Kamp fundraiser (burning man skateboard park that we build annually) and I returned back to the Costa Mesa Volcom skatepark to find it LOCKED and closed for maintenance.

Something tells me that had I been here, I wouldn’t have been able to help and who knows I may have been tased for being a skater at the skatepark. What’s with the police feeling scared? Oh I know, they interrupted a vigil for someone that just passed and who was friends with the local crew. Maybe they could have handled this a little less, ‘militant’.

So I’m not sure exactly how all of this went down as I haven’t been by the Volcom park long enough yet to get the skinny from the locals as the skatepark has been closed down for ‘maintenance’.

I guess they have finished tasing skaters.

Now, if I make any errors in reporting this, I promise to correct them as facts come in.

The gist of this is that:

  • There was a police response to a large crowd of skaters
  • They seemed unaware or uncaring that this was a vigil for a local that passed away on Sunday
  • Then backup had to be called and apparently things got out of hand.
  • Likely some people were spray painting on public property and the police would not have it.

According to the OC Register:

volcom skatepark police graffiti incident at vigil

COSTA MESA – A mob surrounded a police officer Sunday evening, July 16, at a Costa Mesa skate park, some hurling profanity and banging their skateboards on the ground – prompting 50 other officers to respond and leading to the arrest of three people, one of whom was hit with a Taser, authorities said on Monday.”

OPINON: Maybe they should send cops that skate to police skatepark issues, like they send under covers into drug operations to flesh out what’s wrong before calling more police and taser hungry members of their forces.

Last year I was at the Venice skatepark and I was the only person there wearing a helmet. The cops walked ONTO the skatepark and were getting in the way of people not wearing helmets. They tried to arrest one skater, who I offered my helmet to so he could keep skating but that didn’t really help. I asked the police officers what was the problem and they said, “You’re fine” to which I replied then why are you blocking my “line in the skatepark?” The officer had no reply and I told him to either get on a skateboard or get out of the way. He moved when I rolled towards the skate obstacle he was standing near.

I don’t understand cops and skaters. Many cops used to skate as kids, perhaps they should be the ones who respond and be on boards to make the approach for skating ‘issues’ easier, no? That’s what they seem to do everywhere else? Why not have in uniform skaters instead? This could avoid situations like what happened this weekend in Costa Mesa when the locals were simply honoring a fallen friend. That could make for a rad skate video too.

I skate at Costa Mesa several times a week, however I’m still new to that park and I have seen the closeness and camaraderie of a lot of the kids there already. This was a big mess up by the police and I hope they can get their act together and soon have the city actually build and EXPAND the skate park with what I heard was going to be a new snake run at the Volcom park, as opposed to coming and closing it to clean up graffiti.

  • I’m sure there were people graffiti tagging where they shouldn’t, but what is the solution?

Well it’s NOT FORCE. Right now everyone at that skatepark now feels very ANTI-COP and afraid of police, at least not ready to work with them. Hopefully this all calms down. I haven’t been there in a few days and am planning to go tonight to see what’s up.

I just think that there’s better ways for the police to work with the community.

Solution ideas? Cops on Wheels. (I am now thinking way way back to Police Academy 4 for some reason)


I say get some cops on boards before they are allowed to enter. There are some and they would likely make ‘policing better’ at skateparks. Hell they could even be on self balancing scooters just not Segways!

Thoughts in the comments?