Well another one bites the dust. I am very sad to report that we lost 80s child/teen heartthrob Corey Haim. What’s bizarre is that I recently attended the premiere of his now final film, ‘American Sunset’. Canadian bombshell Angela Cullins played the lead opposite Corey in this film that was shot in New Brunswick last year. Angela is a friend of mine and I was invited to attend, so I have some more photos and video footage that I’ll be posting, but out of respect for Angela and Corey I am going to run it by her first. See photos at her photo page now from the Premiere of American Sunset.

I saw the film. It was really good. Hopefully it will have a big relaunch in his memory and help out some careers. At least something good could come out of a drug addiction. In this film he pretty much played himself. Well. Very well.

There’s some footage from the afterparty too and I have two bottles of ‘American Sunset Wine’ that just went up in value as I don’t drink wine.

A sad day in Hollywood.