Meet the woman who was just crowned the ‘Sexiest Vegetarian next door’!

Who better to be in’s inaugural posting for the ‘Vegetarian’ category.

Everyone meet ‘Shona’ who was crowned the ‘Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door 2008’ contest winner put on by I’m not really sure how the next door part works (hey Lindz to you know?)

If you think you’re sexy than you can try to be the next ‘Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door 2009’ from

Hmm, that is kind of similar to my p0wning of MaxPool for the Shoemoney‘s Shoeperstar contest. It was a tough race and thanks to all of you who read Digital Vegetarian I won by 3 votes.


At night (and during the day I would assume) he is an aspiring SEO expert, internet marketer, and this contest was an epic very close race…

Max’s technique was to buy the domain

Max Pool

He writes about how to win online contests on his site.

He hasn’t written anything about Shoeperstar.