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Plan Canada

Plan Canada’s goal is to have as many Canadian residents as possible sponsor children.

How ‘Plan’ works:

All of the contributions from  sponsors go into a central pool and fund programs that benefit sponsored children, their families and the community.

After doing this for over 70  years, ‘Plan’ has determined that this is the best way to help families become more self-sufficient.

The benefits of Sponsoring a Child include teaching more fortunate, Canadian children about other parts of the world and the problems that exist. This is helpful for teaching values about sharing and caring for others you may not know, or even know about.

Helping change poverty with $35/month is a very rewarding experience, and you can send pictures and postcards to your sponsored children. Allowing your kids to connect with less fortunate children across the globe with postcards and photographs is still an option, even thought most kids these days don’t write letters anymore.

Remember there is little or no internet access for these areas of the world, thus receiving a post card, although seemingly ancient now, is like Christmas morning for these underprivileged children. To avoid security and delivery problems, plus jealousy issues, only photos and postcards can be sent, otherwise send money to help pay for the community issues that need it the most.

This IS one way you can actually help change the world. Starting with one child.

Some statistics:

EACH DAY 25,000 children under the age of 5 die because they were unlucky enough to be born in the poorest regions of the world that lack the basic necessities: clean water, medicine, food and sanitiation.

By investing $35 a month, you will help grassroots programs to build schools, dig wells, help health clinics,empower girls as well as boys, start up businesses, train teachers and more.

sponsor a child

Start changing the world by sponsoring a child today!

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