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Interviewed at Pubcon 2009 in Las Vegas:


Aaron @KRONiS does Karaoke @LasVegasHilton #techkareoke Twist And Shout – The Beatles
Check out the THERMOclinE Video for ‘Vacant Lot in 2000’.

– Aaron plays guitar in it, note the product placements for Line6, Ernie Ball MusicMan Guitars, Mesa/Boogie and Vibe Clothing.

Patrizia‘s Video for Desperation.

It charted #2 on Bravo the new-style arts channel in Canada.

Older news…Check out some really funny videos at Almost Mediocre. This cracks me up. I head the pleasure to meet these fellows recently (last night) and they are definitely a ‘troup’. I’d say a Comedy Troup unlike many that already exist and cool enough to be unique. More to come later, for now check them out, they have a choose your own adventure section that is really interesting. Its a new way to use the web to watch videos.