SO regarding the CHICKS BEING NERDS OR MODELS, here are a few photos of one of the nerds…

Uber model: Eva Shaw. cool chick. funny on facebook and fun to hang out with.
I’d tell you more but I haven’t cleared any of this NOR the recent pictures with her, so lets hope she responds favorably and let’s me leave them up and even link to her sites!

Scroll to the End of this post to see her: Actually NO don’t. We need pics she approves of first.

There’s been some debate on facebook among friends as to whether or not this is hot or not. What do YOU think?

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nerds or models what do you think?

nerds or models what do you think?

MODELS!!!!. They were not nerds they were …

oh wait. they’re both!

NEW KEYWORD: MoDEL NeRDS (I’m buying the domain) DAMN gone.

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