Because people are so stupid, they do things that even writers can’t comprehend would be possible, until someone goes and does this on television.

There are many examples…. start with Canadian politics.

This IDIOT in toronto who is only a young 32 years of age, expected to be MAYOR of Toronto, until he got called out on a huge sex scandal the week before the elections.

So my point is that some people just can’t handle the public eye and their reality or ‘what they think is reality and how they are portrayed’ can be very skewed once they get some attention.

Just LOOK at the people from that stupid Jon & Kate + 8 show.

unreal. the guy’s a super douchebag who now gets ‘action’ because he’s ‘famous’. Kate is on the dancing with the stars show…so now she’s in the belief that she’s a star, when the reason she’s really on the show: so people can make fun of her and TUNE in for ratings. anyone who watched her stupid show will want to see how she does on this show.

I’ve never watched either, although i would have liked to see what Woz did on that show maybe for a few minutes as he’s an interesting person, but DANCING? no thanks.

Also I’m glad to say I never watched any American Idol (or Canadian Idol) episodes, however I did Tivo last tuesday’s as Paul McCartney was on it and i’ve never seen the ever charming ‘ellen degeneres’ who is Hillarious on this show yet. I think we’re all waiting for Ryan Seacrest to follow Ricky Martin’s lead (maybe the two of them should be paired up on Dancing with the Stars) in his famous words ‘Seacrest Out’ which has another meaning now!